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45 Customer Reviews

by Everett511

Sep 18, 2022

I ordered some crackle effect spray…

I ordered some crackle effect spray paint from Blick art. Out of 8 different cans, 3 wouldn’t spray so i called their customer service. they were very polite and they sent me replacements within 3 days that work without making things difficult. Thank you!

by Danielle Fields

Sep 12, 2022

Fast delivery and good customer…

Fast delivery and good customer service. Will buy here again soon. Thank you!

by Carter443

Sep 08, 2022

Quality and Service Has Gone Down the Tubes

Ordered a few times in the past from Blick's and had only one issue of damaged watercolor paper. Probably from the carrier. Now the last two orders have been a disaster. Wrong product sent, (Watercolor paper that is the wrong weight), and dirty, greasy fingerprints all over it. A replacement was sent and the exact same issues. Wrong weight paper and marked with fingerprints. This tells me the same idiot probably repacked the order and never took the time to 1. Made sure their hands were clean, and 2. Made sure the right weight paper was selected to ship. Not acceptable. Will be doing business with other art suppliers from now on.

by Terry259

Aug 11, 2022

great place for creative needs

I've shopped at their in-person locations along with buying online and both experiences are easy and the materials are quality. the staffers are friendly and for their online presence, I really value the detailed inventory information.

by Eugene686

Aug 08, 2022

Getting a shipment from Blick is like getting a present

I paint with acrylics and I order all of my paints from Blick - I love the Utrecht brand they carry. The paints are carefully packaged to arrive safely. Only one shipment has had a problem and Blick made it right immediately. I have ordered our easels (a joy to use); canvases; paints, glass palettes and other supplies. I have always been impressed with the value received for the cost of the products. Thank you Blick for allowing me to paint during lockdown. Thank you for excellent customer service.

by Leslie891

Aug 06, 2022

Why I continue to support Blick Art Materials

I am both a teacher as well as a practicing professional artist. I have used Blick Art Materials for over 40 + years, and I have yet to find the same quality in both products and shipping that Blick provides for educators, professional artists, as well as hobbyists. My range of students includes Jr and High school students, as well as adults who attend classes and workshops. I do submit my own work to various shows, and I have received awards in several important mediums at different times of my life. Blick offers quality and price in any medium one might request, for projects of all dimensions. Blick includes a range of suppliers that are also high quality with a history of production excellence. The prices Blick gives for education bulk purchases is one of the best in the world. Blick guarantees a complete refund on any product that does not meet the expectations of the buyer. Dick Blick's own line of products are equally viable, and most useful for educators around the world. They are excellent for beginners, intermediate, and professional artists alike. I continue to order from Blick Art Materials because this company is trustworthy, generous, reliable and has given so much back to each community and persons who use the products they advocate. This review is meant to express my opinion over time. Thank you.
Joy Haverland Cowan

by Gibson893

Aug 03, 2022

Thank you for your quick and good service! Answered all my questions and solved all my problems ver

Thank you for your quick and good service! Answered all my questions and solved all my problems very quickly!

by Austin929

Aug 01, 2022

Great art material sources

Always love to shop in Blicks, because they got great variety of art supplies. They give free delivery if we buy in certain amount. I hope they will give free delivery to loyal customer like me who love to shops at Blicks without reaching certain amount.

by Ava Powell

Jul 31, 2022

Easy, well-organized site, good prices

Blick made ut easy to find what needed anto place an order. Good follow up past ordering and tracking. The items came when promised and arrived in good shape. Hard to beat all of that and the art supplies priced below what we paid elsewhere.

by Jessie Silva

Jul 24, 2022

Short review

The delivery is right on time and the website is precise on what you buy.

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